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Our advocacy efforts focus on championing the rights, needs, and dignity of Black families and their loved ones with disabilities

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Raising Awareness:

Advocating for increased awareness of the challenges faced by Black families with disabilities and the unique needs of their loved ones within the community.

Advocating for Inclusive Education:

Ensuring that Black children with disabilities have access to inclusive educational settings where they can learn alongside their peers without disabilities, receive appropriate support, and reach their full potential

Access to Resources:

Advocating for equitable access to essential resources and support services for Black families and individuals with disabilities, including healthcare, education, housing, and employment opportunities.

Supporting Inclusive Community Programs:

Advocating for the development and expansion of community programs and recreational activities that are inclusive and welcoming to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Policy Change:

Advocating for policy reforms at all levels of government to address systemic barriers and disparities faced by Black families and individuals with disabilities, and to promote inclusive and supportive policies.

Cultural Competency:

Advocating for culturally competent services and support systems that recognize and respect the diversity of Black families and their cultural backgrounds.

Ending Stigma:

Advocating for an end to the stigma and discrimination faced by Black individuals with disabilities and their families, and promoting acceptance, understanding, and inclusion in all aspects of society.


Advocating for the empowerment of Black families and individuals with disabilities to be active participants in decision-making processes that affect their lives, and to advocate for their own needs and rights.

Ensuring Inclusive Policies and Practices:

Advocating for the adoption of inclusive policies and practices in all areas of society, including housing, transportation, and public services, to ensure that Black individuals with disabilities have equal access and opportunities.

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